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Meet The Team


Pascal - Expedition Leader

I joined the Royal Navy as an Aircrew Officer after completing a degree in Physics at university in London. After years of intensive flying training towards gaining 'Wings', much of which I undertook alongside Dan, I qualified for the frontline. I then served tours in Afghanistan, Somalia, Sierra Leone, Persian Gulf, Caribbean, South Atlantic and the Far East - the Royal Navy has literally taken me all over! For me, one of the major appeals of a career in the Royal Navy is that it really pushes you to your limits, both physically and mentally, you find out a lot about yourself!

Outside of work, I'm really into being active in the outdoors, it's such a stunning environment to explore. At weekends or during periods of annual leave, I can generally be found running, biking, swimming, hiking, scrambling, climbing or skiing about, you get the picture! I've completed a number of endurance challenges to to date, multiple marathons and ultramarathons, triathlons up to ironman distance and numerous multi-day hikes/rides in various remote parts of the world. However, I've never ridden a bike across a continent before, looking forward to the challenge!

I see this challenge as an opportunity to give back to the Royal Navy and Royal Marines, organisations that have given me so much over the years. In particular, mental health is incredibly important for our personnel, it is vital that we collectively provide the necessary support to those who have been through so much. Hopefully the scale of our challenge will generate much needed awareness and funds for our charity.


Dan - Expedition Cyclist

I always wanted to join the Royal Navy; members of my family served either in the Royal Marines or Royal Navy through both World Wars and much before that, according to my Gran who is the font of all Waskett family heritage. In my younger years I developed a love of the sea and exploring, having grown up on a sail boat travelling extensively on both sides of the Atlantic with my family, until secondary schooling and job commitments brought us all back. The Royal Navy was an obvious calling for me, on top of which I saw the unique opportunities it offers. 


I joined in 2005 as an Aircrew Officer, like Pascal, where we quickly formed our long-lasting friendship. On reaching the frontline the RN quickly delivered on it's promises, and I deployed extensively on various Merlin helicopter squadrons, from North America to Singapore, from the Arctic Circle to Sierra Leone. The variety of challenges, both in 'hard' skills of knowledge and execution of operations, and the 'soft' skills of managing and working with people has always interested and motivated me. 


I take part in a lot of sports and outdoor activities, primarily sailing, climbing, swimming and skiing. I've been fortunate enough to take part in military Adventurous Training (AT), ranging from sailing expeditions to the pack ice off Greenland, to mountaineering courses crossing Alpine glaciers. Cycling has been a constant in my life, primarily as a means to commute to work and back. Clearly crossing the USA by bike is a huge step up, but with a comprehensive training plan now in place, I'm confident of a positive outcome!


When Pascal suggested this challenge to support the RNRMC I leapt at the chance. They are a fantastic organisation who give so much back without question. A great friend of mine died in military service not long ago, the charity offered wonderful support to his family, during what was an incredibly difficult time. I see this ride as my way of saying thank you, and hopefully helping them in turn to help someone else in need.

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Anthony - Fundraising Campaign Manager

I joined the Royal Navy in 2005 with Dan and Pascal, and after initial training, we went through initial flying training together. Unfortunately, I but didn’t quite make the grade to be Aircrew, but having studied Aeronautical Engineering at University, I decided to transfer to the be an Air Engineer in the Royal Navy to make the most of what the Royal Navy could offer.


I’ve had a hugely varied career so far, and have been lucky enough to deploy to the Middle East, USA, Caribbean, and embarked aircraft in a number of different Ships and environments. I also spent 3 years in Texas on an exchange post, was part of the first crew of Aircraft Carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth, and have enjoyed the varied and complex challenges the Royal Navy and military life has thrown at me. Away from my desk, I am a keen skier and snowboarder, and have represented the RN in downhill skiing. I love a good Adventurous Training challenge and have taken part in various small expeditions including mountain biking, sailing, kayaking, gorge walking, and via ferrata.


I’m really proud to be supporting my good friends Dan and Pascal in their incredible undertaking, in the small way that I can. I’m really grateful that their incredibly hard effort will be able to give back to the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity (RNRMC), who do a fantastic job of supporting Royal Navy and Royal Marines personnel and their families, particularly in the field of Mental Health.

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