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Basic Food Maths, surely?

Pascal here. So, here’s how I’m seeing it. Am I missing something here...

same population + same amount of food = no empty shelves at supermarkets

However, as the picture below demonstrates, it certainly doesn't seem to be working out that way in Clapham Sainsbury’s. I don’t really understand it. As long as everyone buys what they need, in the process respecting the needs of others in society (with a focus on the vulnerable), then we will be fine and get through this as a collective – a community.

The COVID-19 Effect!

So, COVID-19, bit of a game changer! First and foremost, sympathies to all those affected, and a huge thank you to the ever amazing NHS staff. Legends.

As a secondary consideration. The pandemic has categorically dismantled my carefully arranged training and events programme for the next 3 months, possibly beyond (likely?!). The first victim is the carefully prepared for Paris Weekend, consisting of ‘London to Paris cycle in 24 hours, followed by Paris Marathon on arrival’. Comprehensively cancelled in all respects, our thoughts and wishes go out to all the folk in Paris, we will get across to you at some point!

Taking the positives, because that is always the best way to be, we have plenty of endurance miles now in the legs, with numerous long rides (100+ milers) and runs (20+ milers) completed. This should allow us to hit the ground running (and riding?!..) when we get let back out again, post all the sensible ‘social distancing’ measures the Government currently has in place. When these get lifted, I sense everyone is going to go exercise mad, after weeks of self-isolation cabin fever! There will be people all over Clapham Common, it’s going to be quite the spectacle.

The whole situation is an opportunity to take stock. It’s a great opportunity to make sure all our cycling gear is in a fit state, order in any required kit, plan a detailed schedule for the 12 months leading into the July 2021 ride itself, and get a whole heap of indoors strength based workouts done. Get the quads and core in the best possible condition, it all helps when on the bike!

So, to summarise. A ‘bit’ of re-planning required, it’s all entirely achievable and we remain entirely positive. And it’s almost spring time, I can see some awesome blossom out of the window…

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