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It's been a while, how was your summer...?

Dan here. First and foremost, a huge thanks to all for the incredible support in recent weeks. We have both been genuinely humbled by how much support we have received from those who have been following our journey. We are extremely grateful and it’s made a huge difference!

As most are aware, our 5000 Km unsupported cycle across the USA was cut short over the summer, as I sustained a heat injury part way through the ride and required medical assistance. The injury occurred on one of our ‘desert days’, which we had identified pre-ride as one of our most challenging days of the whole ride; we were both on high alert for potential heat injury and reacted quickly when I started to show some early symptoms.

Desert riding can get pretty remote!

A huge thanks must go out to the various medical staff who were involved in providing assistance on the day, and during the following period I spent in hospital stateside.

When undertaking expeditions, mental and physical resilience are tested to the limit. It is through exposure to challenge that we develop as people, that’s the point. The margins between success and failure are incredibly fine.

The road to recovery is still being mapped out, but should end with a full recovery. A final medical assessment is due in early 2023 at which I will hopefully be given the ‘all clear’. A slow return to activity is now in progress, no return to 12 hour training rides just yet…

It has been really difficult for us both to come to terms with. This was something we have worked and trained hard for over a couple years, sacrificing a huge amount of time and effort. To have it taken away so suddenly has left a big void and a sense of failure. Cycling has become a huge part of our lives, and so for me to be unable to ride even for a few months during recovery is a blow.

America, we will be back. Soon!

However, we have naturally decided that we can’t leave that as the ending! There is unfinished business for us in the USA….! Over the coming months, I will of course be following the medical advice to the letter; training for me is under the watchful eye of the fantastic Royal Navy medical branch.

We want to (and will) complete the expedition, keep an eye out in the coming weeks for further updates on this as our options become clearer through my recovery process. In the meantime, thanks again for your continuing support and good wishes, it is making a huge difference!

More to come very soon, stay tuned!

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